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October 6, 2014 • Sticky Post

Airplane travel

Airplane travel


Hey everyone, tomorrow I’m heading to Sydney for this thing with work. Anyway that got me thinking as I started to get my things ready for the trip. It’s only a day trip btw, but I need to pack a bag to carry on the plane, and in this case a briefcase. So as I cleaned out the unnecessary items out of my bag, I came across loads of bobby pins, and that got me thinking about my hair extensions…. Has anyone ever traveled on an airplane with clip in hair extensions? … I wonder if any of you have had an experience of this nature yourself?

Plane Travel

Tomorrow will be an early start, up at 4am, bound for Sydney for an adventure with my job. I’m packing my laptop for the workshop and my camera in case I get some time after the meeting to snap some pic’s. While I was looking for feedback on wearing metal hair extensions I came across this cute little video on hair and makeup and thought some of you girls might appreciate another tutorial. So sit back and enjoy this cute little video by Alex Marie…and if you like her video here is the link to her Utube pages.

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