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October 23, 2014

Matt Geer Chicago Artist

Matt Geer | Chicago artist

Matt Geer is a Chicago artist who works in a variety of mediums and styles
Ranging from abstract minimalism to lowbrow anti-pop, Grouping his works into series.

Currently He is focused on 4 different series. Modern conteporary minimalist works under the tittle “Pressurized”, focused on the roles of men in society, and the pressures,
and expectations placed on them.

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Matt’s other recent works include the Necrocolor series. Vacuose Hollywood stars and consumer adds as Vibrant tecnocolor ghouls and zombies. Exposing the decay of American consumer culture, and the emptyness of material wealth.
Other works include abstract, and found object pieces, as well as his own brand of anti pop art.

The man himself is a living ghost, and hermit. He is one of the most meloncholy chariters this town has to offer.

Matt Geer’s work can be seen on his image blog on tumblr, or his facebook art page, which is open to the public.
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