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October 26, 2014

Warwick Rodeo with Outback Traders

Warwick Rodeo with Outback Traders

We caught up with Allan King from Outbacker Traders at the Warwick Gold Cup Campdraft and Rodeo which is held on the the last weekend in October 2014.

We went out to visit the Outbacker Traders to see what the were all about. The tent was really surprising, we were expecting maybe an annex from the side of the truck but the large 20m tent housed a store as big as the size of a store in any urban setting, adorned with a western flavour, but filled with fashionista’s from all warps of life, and from all the surrounding towns including the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

One of our conversations was with a stockbroker and his partner who just love to wear the western style, end of story, they don’t own animals they collect retro cars and wear hats and boots and just love the western style, they live it everyday.

Part of the deal of my visit was that I participated in selling the products, no not really but I had a go and I guess my shoe store background haha came in handy, we measured up the feet, tried the boots on, made sure they were indeed matching pairs and the right sizes and bob’s your uncle was happy lol, next was a size 13 shoe to replace a pair of boots so worn out from this kids travels I couldn’t believe that they were still stuck together.

That was fun, but then after snapping a few photo’s of the store and the lovely staff whom we think are pretty cool for young folks and then we headed for the action down in the arena. We even caught up with the Canadian, Australian and Warwick Rodeo queen’s, how lucky we’re we. *insert huge smile, they girls were lovely.

We had a great time watching cowboys and cowgirls strutting their stuff. In particular I really loved the women’s events and then I really enjoyed watching the Bronco’s, It was a hoot to see who could ride out the time and then hold my breath to see if the cowboy was able to untangle himself from a stampede of hooves and horns.

Great to watch and such a lovely crowd, and yes mostly everyone wore a hat and cowboy boots….. except me who wore a cowboy hat that was given to me on arrival, a lovely Bull Hide brand straw hat that I haven’t taken off my head lol… I just love it, it’s such a great style burnt slightly on the edges, curves down over my eyes and up at the sides…… I just love it, look out I think I might even wear it to work….. But on my feet I wore a comfy pair of heels and that well was a little bit strange in the landscape. I guess I’ll have to replace my Ariats that I killed when I worked as a strapper at a thoroughbred stud, see you never know what Editor’s have got up in their lives now do you. ;-)

Conversations ran wild and rough on a steamy bed of dirt and sweat as we waded through crowds, a valley of hats and a sea of boots, but through the experience we came out a little more knowledgeable, a little tanned and a lot more keen on getting our hands on some more shirts for our partner.




I’m pretty sure this next hat is the Hat my partner ended up bringing home, it suits his rockabilly hair because it doesn’t mess it up and the retro style was exact the style he loves, thanks Allan you’ve made Mick a happy man

Established in 1991, Outback Traders has become one of the Australian Outback’s well-known and established icons. They specialize in providing quality Western Apparel, Boots and Hats. We are told from a good source that Outback Traders are making some changes to their business structure so folks hold onto your hats, the rains are com’in.




The man Allan is a living legend, he has over 25 years of experience in selling western fashion and travelling this wide land. We are looking forward to reading his book one day.


Some of these cowboys travel from show to show after the prizes and the notoriety, we love their amazing dedication to the sport and would even participate in the mull race if they had tame one in the future.




Outback Traders western wear can be found at