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July 14, 2015

Toowoomba Copywriter

Toowoomba Copywriter

Effective copy is vitally important to the success of your business.

Toowoomba Copywriter is a local Copywriting service providing creative ideas to boost your marketing campaigns & wow your audience.

Become a leader in your industry, grab the attention of your audience & persuade their interests with the use of carefully created content & expert Search Engine Optimization.

Copywriting Strategy

As your copywriter, my goal is to highlight your business in a way that compliments your products & services, developing a trusting relationship between your customers & your brand which generates further leads & increased sales. My services include writing for Search Engine Optimization & working with you to grow your Google ranking with Website copy, Blog posts & Social Media strategies, leave it up to me to publish killer content.

Lea’s Values

My values include Expressiveness, Commitment, Professionalism, Strength & Compassion among others, I pride myself in working with my clients to maximize their over-all performance, reach their goals & get the most out of their time & effort. Whether it’s a humorous blog post to captivate your readers or a mind-blowing catch phrase for your letter-box drop, I will cater to your needs & work to create the voice of your business. Get results with the only specialist copywriting service in Toowoomba.

Your Wildly Successful Marketing Campaign

I would love to hear from you! Contact me now to discuss your next wildly successful marketing campaign.




July 14, 2015

Kat Cherry Photographer

Kat Cherry Photographer

Who Loves a Fairytale? Me, Hi I am a passionate story teller,
a storyteller of one of the most important momments in Peoples lives there wedding day.

My name is Kat Cherry, Im a mum a wife, a carer and a story teller of the camera. Im lucky well I consider myself very lucky every time I am asked to capture a couples wedding, creativity starts flowing.

In my hands I hold a tool only part of what is needed but an important part in documenting a once in a lifetime event. My dad was a photographer as well as a cinematographer, needless to say I grew up around cameras and Film, but it was not until I was 32 years old that I even attempted photography.


Why is my fav Genre weddings? What is there not to love the romance, the dress, the love but even better everyones story is completely different. I get told all the time Im  crazy for loving weddings you only get one shot, you can’t redo it and it can be stressful and challenging.


To date I photographed 18 weddings with another 7 this year and like everything you learn a lot. 2015 has been a very big year for me, Published in Queensland Brides, along with the Australian Times, and a State finalist with the Australian Bridal Industry awards to be held on the 21st July 2015. I get told all the time Oh your camera must be excellent, well no and yes, my camera and I are in sync we have a bond I believe every good photographer has this with there camera, its another child.

Following the Dream

The fun things about weddings is all the fun stories I get to share and the momments from there on in, Pregnancy, Babies and kids that follow, it becomes a family affair so to speak. So my main genre is weddings, I have a dream and I am following it, Its not just my photos its my attitude, Im real, yes you have poses but the real magic happens when all is natural here the story unfolds. I have been told working at a wedding the passion shine through in my face and body language. So for all those that may be scared of weddings don’t be there fun I jet love what I do and love to share that love.


Kat Cherry Photography

Professional experienced photographer ready to catch that special moment in your life in a natural setting.
Moments for u to treasure for a lifetime.

Contact Kat

July 14, 2015

Banana J Creations Teepee Tents

Banana J Creations 

Banana J Creations Teepee Tents!

Banana J Creations makes unforgettable kids teepee tents and funky accessories with unlimited potential.

Imagine your child’s playroom transformed into the ultimate secret club house!
Or lunar rocket! Or princess castle!


Through the eyes of a child, a teepee is so much more than just a play tent – it’s a Kids Only fun zone where they can let their imaginations run wild. Any play space filled with these fun, colourful designs will soon become your child’s favourite place to escape, create, imagine and grow.

Find Banana j Creations here:

Robyn Amor
Banana j Creations

The Wonderful World of Make Believe