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July 31, 2015

Jen Maunder Photographer | JMD Arts

Jen Maunder Photographer | JMD Arts

Jen is a family photographer who is based in Toowoomba. Her images are often described as, unique and breathtaking.

After starting to take her photography serious in 2008 she launched her portrait business, JMD Arts. Since then she has been hired all over the country to take images for families who wanted to have her art hanging on their walls.


“When creating my work, I aim to blur the lines between contemporary portraiture and fine art conceptual practise. Intentionally pushing the boundaries, I endeavour to create art that flexes comfortably between bold and dynamic, and simultaneously classic and memorable.


Inspired by the beautiful landscape of Central QLD, the vibrant palette of urban areas, renaissance artists and the quirky individuality of interior spaces, my work seeks to reflect the individuals it portrays.



By creating images that are unique and pushing the boundaries within the Family Photography genre, I was able to translate my love for creating art into a successful family portrait business.


So, this is -Ed
I just wanted to give Jen an applause for some corporate pics she did for a website build I’m currently designing for a client… She is amazing, great interaction with clients, beautiful work. Thanks Jen!
Here’s a link to Jen’s work for Rant Designs. Visit Rant Designs

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