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August 10, 2015



Do you love handmade soaps?

Food for the Skin; The Power of Herbs

Rose is a soap maker with a lot of creativity and a love of knowledge that pertains to the healing properties of natural ingredients used in the traditional methods for soap making. Rose’s beautiful brand Verity produces a skin care range that is all about feeding your skin from the power of healing herbs.

Verity are creators of moisturising bars using no harmful products, to body scrubs made with freshly ground coffee, coconut oil, essential oils and vitamin E, great for the winter months but also wonderful in summer.

Verity put a lot of love into the creation of their product’s, delivering nurturing and healing balms with their traditional methods for making soaps, body butters, scrubs, balms and even pet soaps!

Verity means TRUTH. Truth and quality in every bar. There are NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS, NO DYES, NO PERFUMES AND NO FILLERS.  Back to the simple use of oils and herbs as well as essential oils, Verity soaps are designed for you to have relief from skin irritations and ailments.

Packed with moisture boosting oils and selected herbs and botanicals, Verity is sure to change your attitude towards soap as traditional and old fashioned methods are used to create each bar.

Rose says, “Australia has no regulations in the cosmetic industry…….including soaps so anyone can say theirs is natural and it isn’t. People need to read the ingredients. And if you can’t understand the long name that’s listed…that’s usually an indication your body can’t either”. 




Soap Making Workshops.

Verity also hold soap making workshops to learn the art of making your own nurturing soaps!

Learn soap making from kitchen and garden ingredients in your own home with friends and neighbours.

This is not a melt and pour class, it is real soap making from scratch!!

Basic and easy to remember skills to use for a lifetime!


Benefits of using all natural Verity soaps

Many people are unaware of the amazing properties that oils have to offer. There are always new discoveries about what different oils can offer. Verity offers simplicity and quality.

Cheaper oils can carry a lot of rubbish and often additives.
Verity takes pride in sourcing the best available vegetable oils, so the vitamins and minerals can be passed onto your skin.

Verity offers soaps that are scented or unscented. A bad combination of fragrances can cause headaches and even confusion to some people. The right balance of essential oils can create the desired mood.

Essential oils also have many invaluable properties that can be passed onto your skin.


This beautiful boutique brand strives in making a quality lasting soap that will suit you personally. If you have any concerns or specific needs, don’t hesitate to contact Verity as they do the very best they can to help you choose what is best for you or the occasion.

They even specialise in GIFT BASKETS.

Verity’s website offers online shopping and it’s a good idea to like their Facebook page for special offers as Rose is always running promotions.

“Your soaps will never cease to amaze me! I was getting a really bad skin dermatitis from my lupus so I pulled out the good old hemp soap and it’s all cleared up in a week! So brilliant…..!!!”

“Love love, your soaps, my skin feels soft and not at all dry after using them, with my psoriasis I have to be so careful what I use but my skin feels soft and hydrated after using them.”

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