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Lea is a Graphic & Web Designer who works in the field of digital and print marketing. There are some very exciting things happening behind the scenes friends do stay tuned...............Media kit available soon.



Verity Do you love handmade soaps? Rose is a soap maker with a lot of creativity and a love of knowledge that pertains to the healing properties of natural ingredients used in the traditional methods for soap making. Rose’s beautiful brand Verity produces a skin care range that is all about feeding your skin from the power of healing herbs. Verity…


Jen Maunder Photographer | JMD Arts

Jen Maunder Photographer | JMD Arts Jen is a family photographer who is based in Toowoomba. Her images are often described as, unique and breathtaking. After starting to take her photography serious in 2008 she launched her portrait business, JMD Arts. Since then she has been hired all over the country to take images for families…


Trysette Trysette A classically trained pianist turned singer-songwriter, Trysette grew up on the northern rivers of Australia Her musical tales of love gained, love lost, and the heartbreak that follows, are delivered with an ethereal voice and mesmerizing piano style, leaving audiences transfixed in pin-drop silence. Signed straight out of college by Warner Chappell Music,…



EXTRACT FROM “THE CLOCK STRUCK ONE” (Horror Novella) Helen is an author who loves to enthral her readers with spine tingling, ‘what lays beneath’ suspense filled Novels. We found out that Helen has a way with words that will soon have you drawn into the plot as we wind down Novella Rd into the suspense…


Bree Kate Edwards | Blogger

Bree Kate Edwards | Blogger Yesterday we received a little surprise in our emails when we received some correspondence from a young woman whom we are sure you will fall in love with… Rant Magazine would love to welcome our new blogger Bree Kate Edwards whom we fondly refer to with her digital alias Breekatee..! Though we have…

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