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October 19, 2015

I Love That Necklace

I Love That Necklace


Interview with Leisa Chapman from ‘I love that necklace!’


Tell Us About ‘I love that necklace!’

‘I love that necklace!’ is a statement necklace and accessory line for women which stems from a love of fashion, colour and in particular beautiful and interesting jewellery.

Our range includes pretty pieces that can be worn everyday to glamorous statement pieces for special events. Being a working mother, I understand about the need for jewellery that is practical and affordable yet is fun, colourful and interesting to wear.

What is your background and how did ‘I love that necklace!’ start?

I am a self-confessed necklace addict! So it was probably appropriate that I chose this passion to share with others. I have always enjoyed wearing jewellery, particularly necklaces and have made and sourced my own pieces for many years (I hate to admit it but I have a huge necklace collection!!)

People often asked me where I had got my pieces and so in 2013, I decided to start ‘I love that necklace!’ The name comes from the loveliness of a compliment when wearing a special piece.

My love for beading started when I lived in London in the 1990’s and I did several courses at a beautiful bead shop in Notting Hill. They had the most amazing range of beads from all over the world, my favourite being the gorgeous Murano glass beads from Italy. I used to make pieces to send home to family for birthday and Christmas presents.

My interest in beading has continued over the years and last year I did a pearl knotting course (which has been the inspiration for the intricate knotting in our ‘Betasselled’ necklace).

I think that jewellery is such a fun way to ‘make’ an outfit. You can be wearing very simple clothing and it is your jewellery that can add the interest and colour.

Featured Image, Model Wears: ***New Style***  ‘So Jackie O’ necklace in the 5 strand version’ in periwinkle.



Image: Razzle Tassel necklace in cobalt/hot pink

I always remember one of the quotes that J.Crew use – ‘Your jewellery may be the last thing you put on, but it will be the first thing that will be noticed”. This is so true!

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Images: ‘You’re A Star’ necklace in blue, Betasselled necklace in silver/pastel, ‘So Jackie O’ necklace – 2 strand in mint

Tell Us A bit about yourself

I am married and have 3 beautiful children. I trained as an occupational therapist. I still work part-time in my profession and ‘I love that necklace!’ is my creative outlet. Occupational therapists are known for their focus on fine motor skills so I suppose it is fitting that I enjoy beading!

What do you enjoy most about ‘I love that necklace!’ ?

The thing I enjoy most is seeing clients enjoying wearing our pieces and having some fun when they are getting dressed. It is not about having the most expensive clothes or accessories, it is about enjoying putting an outfit on and feeling good as you wear it.

I couldn’t agree more with Michelle Obama when she said ‘If I can have any impact – I want women to feel good about themselves and have fun with fashion’.

‘The other thing that I have enjoyed creatively about I love that necklace! is collaborating with other designers. This Summer I have worked with Brisbane designer, Kirsten Eadie, from Little Eadie on a limited edition range of clutch bags which compliments our necklaces. This has been a very colourful project and working with someone who loves colour as much as me has been exciting.’

Where can people buy pieces from your range?

I am currently working on a website which will be online very soon so watch this space www.ILoveThatNecklace.com.au

People can always contact me via the Facebook page or through Instagram (details at the end of this article).

Our products are now also stocked by stores in Brisbane, Toowoomba and Inglewood in Queensland and Yamba in NSW.

Finally, I offer private showings for clients.

It is a lot of fun getting some girlfriends together, having a glass of champagne and shopping for jewellery and accessories!

Christmas time in particular is a great time to do a private showing to get some of the shopping out of the way. And I will travel – I have regularly travelled as far as Sydney to do showings.

You can contact me via email (info@ilovethatnecklace.com.au) for details about private showings.


Image: ‘So Jackie O’ necklace – 5 strand in lilac 


Where do you source your inspiration for your designs?

Inspiration comes from many places. There are certain fashion sources that I follow- one of my favourites is British Vogue. I look at fashion trends but our designs are not bound by them. Tassels and fringing are popular trends in fashion at present, so this has been an influence in our ‘Razzle Tassel’ and ‘Betasselled’ necklaces.


Image: Betasselled necklace in silver/neon yellow

Colour and combinations of colour are always an inspiration to me. On a recent trip overseas I was in awe of the colour of the beautiful Summer sky and that blue became the inspiration for the new blue colour in our So Jackie O necklace.

I am always looking at bead shops and beads online for different bead styles.

I also discuss with my stockists about clothing trends and colours for the coming season to see if they have any colour preferences for necklaces.

Finally, I never design anything that I wouldn’t wear! Our necklaces and accessories have to be easy to wear while still making a statement.

Are there things you find difficult about the business?

As a Mum still working my day job, there are times when I wonder if I have taken on more than I can manage. A dear friend however set me straight and introduced me to the concept of the ‘Portfolio Career’ where the way of the future is apparently to have different business interests alongside your occupation. This concept does seem to suit me, as I still enjoy my day job, but also want to have some interests in other areas.

To give me the time needed to focus on design and business development, I have outsourced the production of our range. This has been a positive step and has provided employment for others.

Is there any advice that you would give others thinking of starting their own business?

There are 2 pieces of advice I would give:

Firstly, be true to yourself. Don’t be influenced by what others around you are doing. You cannot remain focussed on your own goals if you are constantly looking over your shoulder at what others are doing.

The second piece of advice is to surround yourself with people like you!

Everyone that I have chosen to work with including stockists, photographers, models and graphic artists are people I respect and admire and who seem to work by the same code of ethics and principles I have. I always work on the principal that you treat others as you would like to be treated and that seems especially important in the business world.

And finally do you have a favourite piece from your range?

I am quite girlie so I would have to say that the ‘So Jackie O’ necklace is a particular favourite. My other favourite is the ‘Betasselled’ necklace – I have had so much fun with the colour options in this necklace. And it is so versatile – it is one that can be worn to Saturday morning sport with the kids and still looks great when heading out to lunch with girlfriends.

We have a brand new design on the way and I think it may take the spot as my favourite. It will be released towards the end of October, so stay tuned – it is stunning!


The finer details:

Website: www.ILoveThatNecklace.com.au (Online soon!)

Facebook: www.Facebook.com/ILoveThatNecklace

Instagram: www.Instagram/ILoveThatNecklace

For Stockists and Private Showing information email: info@ILoveThatNecklace.com.au

It’s coming..! The race that stops a nation, the raceday that inspires women to dress up in their finest, adorning themselves with glorious sparkling tassels & draped in shiny beads, it’s Melbourne Cup time pretties….!

Hop onto ‘I Love That Necklace’  Facebook to see the latest stock or email Leisa personally to have a chat to her about the styles featured in this article,
*screams, go, go, go you good thing…….and ‘I Love That Necklace’ rounds the corner to the last straight and looks like she’s going to be first at the post, by golly, she’s done it, ‘I Love That Necklace’ is a winner here today folks………and Ed get’s carried away, but all with good intention ;-) ..!!!! 
– Ed






September 4, 2015

Ruby Red Industries | Vintage & Styling

Ruby Red Industries | Vintage & Styling

Ruby Red is a girl with a lots of pearl’s on her string and a love of all things vintage. 

Who is Ruby Red in the Vintage & Styling sense and where did it all start?

I’m a Brisbane girl that moved from the big smoke to the not so sleepy town of Toowoomba six years ago. I discovered a town coming out of it’s cocoon at the time with a decent music scene and a growing art scene. It was during this time that two women were starting an artist run gallery. I expanded from stocking my vintage fashion in some local stores and joined forces with them in the space to start “Old Fangled Beauties” a little retro vintage store.

Then the industry grew when a number of local fashion outlets and my store were all part of a bi monthly fashion market in a large photographic studio that featured a runway to showcase each stores wares. I then found myself in the role of model stylist and runway co-ordinator.

What is it about Ruby Red Industries and the Vintage element? 

Well I have my collection of both small and large vintage treasures that adorn my home and bring a beauty and comfort to my life on a daily basis so I thought it might be about time I put my good eye for finding little beauties to good use and help others in their quests to find these no longer produced items.

So Ruby Red Industries Vintage is a treasure trove of all things vintage, retro, quirky, rare, classic and collectable. It’s the realisation and beginning of a bigger dream I’ve had for a number of years.

What services do you offer for with your vintage shop & styling?



Ruby Red Industries offers a range of styling services including event, home interiors, shop fronts to fashion and model styling for photographic shoots and fashion parades.

– Online Store, Markets and Rummages
– High Tea Hire
– Styling & Photographic Shoots

Online Store

You can find vintage homewares, my collection of vintage fashion, and furniture on my online store and I also have a small collection of vintage books and vinyl. In the future when I find the right space, I have plans for combining all of this into one shop with an Espresso Bar.

Ruby Red Industries can be found to be organising Rummages and Pop up Shops as a regular thing, as well as attending large markets in Brisbane such as the West End markets. Whether you are local or anywhere else in Australia I can still help you to find your vintage desires.

High Tea Hire

I offer furniture and homewares both for purchase or hire for events and pop up shops that employ my services so when you get me you get my unique styling services which are naturally drawn to the use of vintage furniture, prints and decorative items.

I also have a love and passion for repurposing and giving new life to discarded items, you will recognise this in my styling for creation’s such as hung art works and planter boxes used in indoor and outdoor green spaces.

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Ruby Red Industries also offers a range of styling services for personal home interiors, shop fronts and event styling.

Styling & Photographic Shoots

Whether it be for an event or for a fixed shopfront or venue, I thrive on creating beautiful spaces from nothing. I am able transform an unusable, bland and awkward area into an inspiring, comfortable, and functional space.


A number of local cafes stock the potted succulents that I create, this has now spilled over to being commissioned to create one off stylised potted plants for individuals and local shops.

Ruby Red Industries offers a number of different commercial services including fashion shoots…. article coming up soon..!

If you need some magic for your space, event or fashion shoot give Ruby a holla!  hello@rubyredindustries.com.au


Find Ruby Red Industries | Vintage & Styling Services

Need some vintage magic?….Look at Ruby Red’s passion and ye shall find!

FaceBook | Vintage
FaceBook | Styling Services

August 27, 2015

Coralie Milne | VelvetTeacup

Coralie Milne | VelvetTeacup

The VelvetTeacup’s range of wedding hair accessories is handmade in Queensland by Coralie Milne and includes stylish headpieces, flower crowns, headbands and an array of beautiful beaded and dried flower bridal combs.

Inspiration for many of the pieces comes from her lifelong love affair with flowers and nature and a “bower bird” like collection of vintage and antique textiles, embellishments and dainty handmade flowers.

Exclusive to VelvetTeacup are the beaded bridal combs which are all one of a kind. Each piece is handmade using silks, tulles, laces, sparkling rhinestones, beads and pearls. They have an eclectic look reminiscent of a bygone era.

By contrast the flower crowns are inspired by a wonderful and ever changing collection of millinery flowers and leaves, woodland berry pips and ribbons. The flower crowns are a personal favourite and Coralie has been making them for a very long time – since the days of her childhood in fact when she “cobbled” up daisy chain headbands for her dolls.

A visit to VelvetTeacup on Etsy will reveal a shop full of pretty hair pieces suitable for weddings, engagements, photo shoots or just a little something to wear with your jeans and tee shirt.

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Coralie hopes you will love the range of flower hair accessories and be able to find something for yourself among the pretties.

Find VelvetTeacup

Please visit: Etsy shop and our VelvetTeacup Facebook Page

*Editors note: We have been over to the VelvetTeacup on Etsy and you are in for a treat…! Coralie is so talented..!…. You will fall in love with her designs I’m quite sure, we did..! – Ed

July 21, 2015

Ashleigh Baxter

Ashleigh Baxter

This may sound cheesy, but, it started in year 10 art. Our class had to create a poster against violence. My poster was of a dagger piercing an anatomical heart that I had hand drawn. From there I continued to practice drawing in the many art books I had lying around.

But when year 11 came around, I discovered the wonders of Photoshop.

With Photoshop the possibilities are endless and I’m always learning; just last weekend I discovered how to do a disintegration effect. Now, most of my art consists of Photoshop. Photoshop is definitely an investment but I think that anyone can use it, whether they are ‘arty’ or not.



Through my immense love of art, I have had many opportunities to get my work ‘out there’. From exhibitions to murals in shops, I’ve done it. And I couldn’t of been more thankful for all of the opportunities I’ve had so far.


I may only be a 17 year old, but I do believe I have some wisdom (and wits) up my sleeve. I am a strong believer in the saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”.

To think that a friend I made in year 10 English could change my life forever. You never know it’s going to happen, until it happens.

Contact Ashleigh


July 21, 2015

Candice Griswold | Artist

Candice Griswold | Artist

A native Texan, Candice Griswold found her passion in art while living in Australia.
Candice spent most of her childhood dreaming of a world where anything was possible.

In 2014 Candice embarked on an amazing journey to explore art and artists each day for 365 days (2014-2015).
During this time she invested an hour a day for an entire year creating and experiencing art.

A Technology Consultant by day Candice now spends most of her free time pursuing her passion in art.  During her journey she noticed that day-to-day life can be quite stressful and wanted to create a safe place to express those emotions. Candice hopes to raise art awareness and demonstrate how art can be a great way to increase mental health and decrease stress.

Candice is still in the process of creating her own personal style. She’s currently working on her first exhibition titled “Take A Walk With Me”, a journey of expression and creativity.


When asked what advice she would give to up and coming artists Candice says,

“Be fearless, express yourself and inspire!”

“As a child I created a vision for the life I wanted and it was without fear. Dreams were always a possibility. Thirty years later I am living the life I dreamed as a child. Today I want to inspire and motivate others to be fearless when creating their dreams.”

Candice currently lives in Kangaroo Point with her husband Brian.

We are so excited to welcome Candice to our magazine and look forward to following this inspiring artist as she brings her talent to life right before our eyes.

We appreciate Candice’s musings for creating and together we are hopeful that sharing this forward moving artists motivation for making art is an experience that resonates with you.

Take a walk with me…

Follow Candice

July 20, 2015

Deer & Fox Collective

What Makes A Deer & Fox Collective
– by Alex Stalling


Deer & Fox who?
Well we are a transient collective of makers, dreamers, experimenters, appreciators and tea drinkers. We are still new to this big wide world and finding out just where we fit in but the journey has been fun and definitely eye opening.


Deer & Fox Collective – Boutique Designers
D&F started in 2014 when I discovered that I just made a lot of stuff. I am pretty prolific when it comes to getting a bit of craft on, so one day I *harassed* my sisters into the journey of marketing and online business-ing. We happily argued over names, product lines, branding, which markets to do until something that was the bare bones of what D&F is today was born.  The three of us have learnt a lot in the 1.5 years of business but the important things remained the same.

We are happy to make, create and hang out. This for us was key, we never started out with a major brand concept in mind, or to turn our little loves into a craft empire. D&F was always, and will always be about the process and that we enjoy it.

We still create, promote and love handmade, artist & designer. Our products embody everything we love about this industry. When we shop for ourselves we love the thrill of the hunt, finding that special something that no one else has. We love to support the individual, the creative the maker.

We create high quality pieces. Each of us at D&F have different interests, skills, loves. Our range showcases that. What we all have in common is an appreciation of quality. We want to buy quality for ourselves, so we want to provide quality for our customers.


Skip forward to now and who is Deer & Fox?
Currently comprised of six artisans Alex Stalling, Tessa Jeffrey, Gaby Isaacson, Melita Chambers, Aaron Stalling & Rhi Johnson.

With all the fresh makers coming on board our 2015-2016 collection is set to explode with 3D printed vases, children’s clothing, cushions, headbands, artwork dresses, candles, play-dough packs, crayons, plushies, polymer clay jewellery, artwork necklaces and earrings, lasercut earrings, oh and block printed notebooks there is sure to be something for everyone.



We have a full list of the markets we attend available on our website at all times.

www.deerandfoxcollective.com + we are on instagram
@deerandfox & facebook 

& Etsy

If you need a little Deer & Fox in your life we should chat, this also applies for retailers.


Deer & Fox