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September 22, 2015

Outback Traders | Western & Urban Lifestyle Store

Outback Traders | Western & Urban Lifestyle Store

Boots n Hats


Australian Western & Urban Lifestyle Store.

Outback Traders are suppliers of quality Boots & Hats.
They are a store for connoisseurs of western fashion and have been around the traps since 1991


Outback Traders traditional market is the cattle industry (working cowboys) Country people, Rodeo, Horse enthusiasts and of course country music fans.

That’s how it all began. 

These days Outback Traders wants to share their passion to broader audience.  

The company’s founder Allan King is excited about the opportunity of sharing his love of cowboy and latino fashion with all the various sub-cultures in urban society as well.

“I think everyone should have a pair of cowboy boots in their wardrobe” he says.  “And it’s so good to see hats making a comeback too. We will be adding fedoras and other crossover styles to our inventory in the coming weeks.”

 Outback Traders are excited about the opportunity that lies in taking Western Boots, Hats & Latino Fashion
to the various sub-cultures in the city! Woo Hoo…..!

We’ve been working behind the scenes with OBT on their new exciting website which is finally launched!

The brand had an inspiring story behind it, it’s not all about the hard sell of a large corporation but rather the earthy footsteps of one man in and his dream, hopes and relationships forged over many moons on his journey’s through our beautiful country and beyond.

OBT brands.

Ariat | Western Style

Outback Traders have a relationship with Ariat stocking a beautiful range of footwear at the best prices for men, women and kids.!

Ariat boots are handcrafted from premium leathers and are designed with authentic detail. Set your own standards in the arena, at the ranch, on the job or on the town in Ariat western footwear.


With superior craftsmanship, unparalleled performance features and an assortment of outsole and toe styles, Ariat delivers a variety of boots for western life. . Advanced footbed technology delivers performance, protection and stability

Visit Outback Traders today and discover Ariat boots


American Hat Company | Celebrating 100 years

One of our Outback Traders favourite hat manufacturers is the American Hat Company who are celebrating their 100th year of designing & producing their much loved cowboy hats of the finest quality & craftsmanship.

The quality and craftsmanship combined with good old fashioned service and family values are just one of the reasons OBT stocks the products as well as Allan’s own personal experience with the Hat Co, having stepped foot into the factories where the hats are designed and spoken with the hat makers and got to know them as a family.

Allan says Australians could learn something from the way American’s & Mexicano people treat one another in these family owned company settings, they look after one another, treat one another with respect.

Allan is the founder of Outback Traders and a great friend of our Rant story– Ed




Outback Traders are celebrating their new website…!…..


FREE SHIPPING! Celebrating their new website and the transition from land (or the trusty truck) to the digital space, they are shipping for free!!!
Valuing your support since 1991, lets make it another 20 odd years with this great visionary and hard working entrepreneur ……Thankyou!!!…..From Allan King……..

September 4, 2015

Ruby Red Industries | Vintage & Styling

Ruby Red Industries | Vintage & Styling

Ruby Red is a girl with a lots of pearl’s on her string and a love of all things vintage. 

Who is Ruby Red in the Vintage & Styling sense and where did it all start?

I’m a Brisbane girl that moved from the big smoke to the not so sleepy town of Toowoomba six years ago. I discovered a town coming out of it’s cocoon at the time with a decent music scene and a growing art scene. It was during this time that two women were starting an artist run gallery. I expanded from stocking my vintage fashion in some local stores and joined forces with them in the space to start “Old Fangled Beauties” a little retro vintage store.

Then the industry grew when a number of local fashion outlets and my store were all part of a bi monthly fashion market in a large photographic studio that featured a runway to showcase each stores wares. I then found myself in the role of model stylist and runway co-ordinator.

What is it about Ruby Red Industries and the Vintage element? 

Well I have my collection of both small and large vintage treasures that adorn my home and bring a beauty and comfort to my life on a daily basis so I thought it might be about time I put my good eye for finding little beauties to good use and help others in their quests to find these no longer produced items.

So Ruby Red Industries Vintage is a treasure trove of all things vintage, retro, quirky, rare, classic and collectable. It’s the realisation and beginning of a bigger dream I’ve had for a number of years.

What services do you offer for with your vintage shop & styling?



Ruby Red Industries offers a range of styling services including event, home interiors, shop fronts to fashion and model styling for photographic shoots and fashion parades.

– Online Store, Markets and Rummages
– High Tea Hire
– Styling & Photographic Shoots

Online Store

You can find vintage homewares, my collection of vintage fashion, and furniture on my online store and I also have a small collection of vintage books and vinyl. In the future when I find the right space, I have plans for combining all of this into one shop with an Espresso Bar.

Ruby Red Industries can be found to be organising Rummages and Pop up Shops as a regular thing, as well as attending large markets in Brisbane such as the West End markets. Whether you are local or anywhere else in Australia I can still help you to find your vintage desires.

High Tea Hire

I offer furniture and homewares both for purchase or hire for events and pop up shops that employ my services so when you get me you get my unique styling services which are naturally drawn to the use of vintage furniture, prints and decorative items.

I also have a love and passion for repurposing and giving new life to discarded items, you will recognise this in my styling for creation’s such as hung art works and planter boxes used in indoor and outdoor green spaces.

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Ruby Red Industries also offers a range of styling services for personal home interiors, shop fronts and event styling.

Styling & Photographic Shoots

Whether it be for an event or for a fixed shopfront or venue, I thrive on creating beautiful spaces from nothing. I am able transform an unusable, bland and awkward area into an inspiring, comfortable, and functional space.


A number of local cafes stock the potted succulents that I create, this has now spilled over to being commissioned to create one off stylised potted plants for individuals and local shops.

Ruby Red Industries offers a number of different commercial services including fashion shoots…. article coming up soon..!

If you need some magic for your space, event or fashion shoot give Ruby a holla!  hello@rubyredindustries.com.au


Find Ruby Red Industries | Vintage & Styling Services

Need some vintage magic?….Look at Ruby Red’s passion and ye shall find!

FaceBook | Vintage
FaceBook | Styling Services

July 27, 2015

Imperfectly Healthy

Imperfectly Healthy

Imperfectly Healthy with Fiona Davis


Imperfectly Healthy is the result of over 25 years research and misspent adulthood to cut through the diet industry crap.

Weight loss is a scientific principle,
and not some mystical ideology reliant on clever marketing and pseudo-science nonsense.


Through workshops, individual consultations and my recently published book ‘Not Another Bloody Diet’, my goal is to educate and empower people to learn the truth about how and why the body is resistant to the plethora of weight loss diets.

There are no hidden agendas, quick fixes, miraculous claims or revolutionary new diet methods revealed. Just unadulterated facts based on ever so clever science, and a candid look at how most diets are just depressing money making schemes at best.

Workshops are like a fun tuppaware party minus the tuppaware. A small intimate group, me, some awesome props, and enough fabulous information to ensure you become your very own diet guru. Think how popular you’ll be at parties!

Individual consultations are for those who need a bit more personal attention when it comes to dealing with their own weight issues.

This is where I become your personal fat loss detective. No stone left unturned, and you won’t be placed on yet another diet. Once again, it’s all about science, lifestyle and sustainability.


And if neither of those take your fancy because you hate people, or would prefer to stay home,
my book ‘Not Another Bloody Diet’ has you covered. 120 pages of pragmatic conversation with my readers, explaining and debunking popular diets to help you understand and appreciate your body’s defiance towards diet gimmickry.

You’ll see your body in a whole new wonderful light, I promise.

Imperfectly Healthy Head Honcho
Author | Educator | Consultant

Places to find Fi.

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Photo Credit: Ruby Red Industries

July 21, 2015

Candice Griswold | Artist

Candice Griswold | Artist

A native Texan, Candice Griswold found her passion in art while living in Australia.
Candice spent most of her childhood dreaming of a world where anything was possible.

In 2014 Candice embarked on an amazing journey to explore art and artists each day for 365 days (2014-2015).
During this time she invested an hour a day for an entire year creating and experiencing art.

A Technology Consultant by day Candice now spends most of her free time pursuing her passion in art.  During her journey she noticed that day-to-day life can be quite stressful and wanted to create a safe place to express those emotions. Candice hopes to raise art awareness and demonstrate how art can be a great way to increase mental health and decrease stress.

Candice is still in the process of creating her own personal style. She’s currently working on her first exhibition titled “Take A Walk With Me”, a journey of expression and creativity.


When asked what advice she would give to up and coming artists Candice says,

“Be fearless, express yourself and inspire!”

“As a child I created a vision for the life I wanted and it was without fear. Dreams were always a possibility. Thirty years later I am living the life I dreamed as a child. Today I want to inspire and motivate others to be fearless when creating their dreams.”

Candice currently lives in Kangaroo Point with her husband Brian.

We are so excited to welcome Candice to our magazine and look forward to following this inspiring artist as she brings her talent to life right before our eyes.

We appreciate Candice’s musings for creating and together we are hopeful that sharing this forward moving artists motivation for making art is an experience that resonates with you.

Take a walk with me…

Follow Candice

July 20, 2015

Deer & Fox Collective

What Makes A Deer & Fox Collective
– by Alex Stalling


Deer & Fox who?
Well we are a transient collective of makers, dreamers, experimenters, appreciators and tea drinkers. We are still new to this big wide world and finding out just where we fit in but the journey has been fun and definitely eye opening.


Deer & Fox Collective – Boutique Designers
D&F started in 2014 when I discovered that I just made a lot of stuff. I am pretty prolific when it comes to getting a bit of craft on, so one day I *harassed* my sisters into the journey of marketing and online business-ing. We happily argued over names, product lines, branding, which markets to do until something that was the bare bones of what D&F is today was born.  The three of us have learnt a lot in the 1.5 years of business but the important things remained the same.

We are happy to make, create and hang out. This for us was key, we never started out with a major brand concept in mind, or to turn our little loves into a craft empire. D&F was always, and will always be about the process and that we enjoy it.

We still create, promote and love handmade, artist & designer. Our products embody everything we love about this industry. When we shop for ourselves we love the thrill of the hunt, finding that special something that no one else has. We love to support the individual, the creative the maker.

We create high quality pieces. Each of us at D&F have different interests, skills, loves. Our range showcases that. What we all have in common is an appreciation of quality. We want to buy quality for ourselves, so we want to provide quality for our customers.


Skip forward to now and who is Deer & Fox?
Currently comprised of six artisans Alex Stalling, Tessa Jeffrey, Gaby Isaacson, Melita Chambers, Aaron Stalling & Rhi Johnson.

With all the fresh makers coming on board our 2015-2016 collection is set to explode with 3D printed vases, children’s clothing, cushions, headbands, artwork dresses, candles, play-dough packs, crayons, plushies, polymer clay jewellery, artwork necklaces and earrings, lasercut earrings, oh and block printed notebooks there is sure to be something for everyone.



We have a full list of the markets we attend available on our website at all times.

www.deerandfoxcollective.com + we are on instagram
@deerandfox & facebook 

& Etsy

If you need a little Deer & Fox in your life we should chat, this also applies for retailers.


Deer & Fox

July 16, 2015

Rant Designs | Brand Thinking Design

Rant Designs | Brand Thinking Design

Brand thinking design that aligns with your business model.
Dynamic communication strategies inline with your business & marketing objectives.

Graphic Designer & Editor of Rant Magazine.

I believe Design is more than a marketing strategy; it is an experience, a path with which to travel.

I would like for a moment to get beyond the marketing pitch so that my readers may understand that although I am graphic designer it is only a label and prefer if you would think of me as your creative business advocate.

Design is derived from a plan. Design is a branding strategy. Design brings colour & hope into people’s lives.

Graphic Design

Design as defined by the Business Dictionary is the realisation of a concept or idea into a configuration, drawing, model, mould, pattern, plan or specification. Designing is a method of communication combining visual elements with an analytical, cohesive and intelligent alignment to the values, philosophy & differentiators of the business model helping to achieve the commercial production of an objective/s.

Understanding the digital realm as a architectural space, my work is influenced by the aspect ratios of technology or the real estate of the digital canvas. I just love the readiness that digital communication evokes.

My work includes Brand Identity, Logo Design, Corporate Collateral, Responsive Website Design, Social Media Marketing, Sales Presentations, Proposals, Reports and other dynamic visual sales tools ensuring a creative and consistent look and feel utilising, imagery, infographics, and multimedia to create high impact design that adheres to and supports the client’s brand, visual identity, legal guidelines, and messaging in the digital and print marketing space.

Focused on delivering high end, beautiful, clean, forward thinking Graphic & Responsive Web Design.

Rant Magazine 

The scope for digital marketing is a very wide reaching voice to promote goods and services. A website is a portal for providing information quickly and efficiently.

Rant magazine has been purposely designed from an online marketing perspective by a graphic and web designer with a background in digital marketing, so the way we think about online communication is the way we apply the business model.

We want to add to the benefits of this wider online marketing system by becoming a referral portal pointing to your business!

How it works in a snippet is we publish relevant content about your business on our magazine, we create an experience, share information about your business and then we point visitors back to you!

Marketing your business using referred content makes Google the content king happy and us happy because we get to rant about your awesome business, talents and industries, we make you happy because your getting business exposure and we give Google a reason to celebrate our local network which is a win win for everyone….

I would love to have a conversation with you regarding your marketing objectives, please feel free to contact Lea Sidor @


Rant Designs


or give me buzz on 0438 107 882.


July 14, 2015

Toowoomba Copywriter

Toowoomba Copywriter

Effective copy is vitally important to the success of your business.

Toowoomba Copywriter is a local Copywriting service providing creative ideas to boost your marketing campaigns & wow your audience.

Become a leader in your industry, grab the attention of your audience & persuade their interests with the use of carefully created content & expert Search Engine Optimization.

Copywriting Strategy

As your copywriter, my goal is to highlight your business in a way that compliments your products & services, developing a trusting relationship between your customers & your brand which generates further leads & increased sales. My services include writing for Search Engine Optimization & working with you to grow your Google ranking with Website copy, Blog posts & Social Media strategies, leave it up to me to publish killer content.

Lea’s Values

My values include Expressiveness, Commitment, Professionalism, Strength & Compassion among others, I pride myself in working with my clients to maximize their over-all performance, reach their goals & get the most out of their time & effort. Whether it’s a humorous blog post to captivate your readers or a mind-blowing catch phrase for your letter-box drop, I will cater to your needs & work to create the voice of your business. Get results with the only specialist copywriting service in Toowoomba.

Your Wildly Successful Marketing Campaign

I would love to hear from you! Contact me now to discuss your next wildly successful marketing campaign.