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October 6, 2014 • Sticky Post

Airplane travel

Airplane travel


Hey everyone, tomorrow I’m heading to Sydney for this thing with work. Anyway that got me thinking as I started to get my things ready for the trip. It’s only a day trip btw, but I need to pack a bag to carry on the plane, and in this case a briefcase. So as I cleaned out the unnecessary items out of my bag, I came across loads of bobby pins, and that got me thinking about my hair extensions…. Has anyone ever traveled on an airplane with clip in hair extensions? … I wonder if any of you have had an experience of this nature yourself?

Plane Travel

Tomorrow will be an early start, up at 4am, bound for Sydney for an adventure with my job. I’m packing my laptop for the workshop and my camera in case I get some time after the meeting to snap some pic’s. While I was looking for feedback on wearing metal hair extensions I came across this cute little video on hair and makeup and thought some of you girls might appreciate another tutorial. So sit back and enjoy this cute little video by Alex Marie…and if you like her video here is the link to her Utube pages.

Love your life. Do your thing!
Send us your experiences, what are you waiting for!

September 8, 2014

At Home

At home with ‘At Home’

OMGosh are you ready for this find… .We found the most amazing antique store you could ever dream of…
Really this shop will make your heart leap as you walk through the front door. At Home & Kinnear’s Fine Australian Antiques have been dealing in the colonial furniture field for the past 28 years.
Brenton and Sharon Kinnear are the stores owners, hi guys, we love you, and they would love it if you popped into say hello.


This fabulous store is newly renovated and absolutely meticulously and lovingly filled with collectable delightful home wares, early colonial and antique country and ornate styled furniture, beautiful rugs, enticing soft furnishings and unique and stunning quilts, oh and an amazing display of eye popping china that begets another story, we’ll let Brenton and Sharon Kinnear, fill you in if you visit, before we run another story from within the walls of this exciting and inviting den of antiquities should you take us at our word and go in and see for yourself, a beautiful beautiful antique store, beautifully arranged and presented. Did I mention how beautiful it was…. Really, needs to be seen to be believed. So here a a few pic’s we took on our editors visit, we have a feature story planned with these folks we’ll be bringing to you real soon. Take a look, better still go in and meet the owners, they are lovely lovely people and tell them we sent you, go forth and enjoy the feast your eyes will dine on….. Love love love..Love it…rant over, for now..

beautiful antiques



stunning showroom

We just want to share an excerpt from off their website so you can get a feel for what they do and no one else can say it like they can, but head on over to the site to see more about what they have in stock….From their website visit now Stay tuned for our feature story coming up though where we get a bit more up close and personal with these beautiful folks whom we have fallen in love with.

They specialise in sale and conservation of early colonial furniture and selected country pieces for serious collectors and investors requiring antiques in original and patinated condition.

From ‘At Home’s’ website

Over this time the market has changed, with collectors becoming both more informed and discerning in regard to their acquisitions. Currently we are seeing an adjustment in the market, and not all pieces have increased in value at the same rate. The exceptional and rare pieces are still setting record prices, with the middle and lower ends of the market flattening out. This can be viewed as a positive trend for the antiques trade in the long run, as lower prices in some areas will encourage new buyers onto the market, thus creating a stronger market for the future.

The exceptional and rare pieces will become the domain of ultra-rich collector, making them out of reach to most other collectors. At this level, we’re talking about pre-1840s examples with an original finish. Having said that, there are still many affordable areas for the general collector to take advantage of.

The criteria for the investment potential of a piece include rarity, originality and broad appeal/ functionality. The conservation of colonial pieces is also very important. After all, we are the only temporary custodians of these pieces, and correct conservation will enable them to be functional for many decades and beyond. In assessing an item, it should be cabinet-work perfect with any seamlessly. The original finish should be retained and protected wherever possible, to give another hundred years of service.

Find them, and make sure you do go take a look.

Brenton and Sharon Kinnear
Located in the popular Antiques and Cafe precinct opposite the historic railway station at 9 Railway Street, Toowoomba, Queensland 4350.
Our workshop is located nearby where we undertake conservation work for collectors and decorators.
0412 655 686 Brenton
0427 655 686 Sharon

We love this shop and plan on visiting again really soon for our feature story and some other exciting things that are happening so these folks are going to be in the news a bit. Coming soon a story about the people behind this beautiful store, a rant on their exhibition space and one on the ‘other’ exciting person with connections in this exciting world of yesteryear……Till we rant again….Take care….Lea