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July 27, 2015

Imperfectly Healthy

Imperfectly Healthy

Imperfectly Healthy with Fiona Davis


Imperfectly Healthy is the result of over 25 years research and misspent adulthood to cut through the diet industry crap.

Weight loss is a scientific principle,
and not some mystical ideology reliant on clever marketing and pseudo-science nonsense.


Through workshops, individual consultations and my recently published book ‘Not Another Bloody Diet’, my goal is to educate and empower people to learn the truth about how and why the body is resistant to the plethora of weight loss diets.

There are no hidden agendas, quick fixes, miraculous claims or revolutionary new diet methods revealed. Just unadulterated facts based on ever so clever science, and a candid look at how most diets are just depressing money making schemes at best.

Workshops are like a fun tuppaware party minus the tuppaware. A small intimate group, me, some awesome props, and enough fabulous information to ensure you become your very own diet guru. Think how popular you’ll be at parties!

Individual consultations are for those who need a bit more personal attention when it comes to dealing with their own weight issues.

This is where I become your personal fat loss detective. No stone left unturned, and you won’t be placed on yet another diet. Once again, it’s all about science, lifestyle and sustainability.


And if neither of those take your fancy because you hate people, or would prefer to stay home,
my book ‘Not Another Bloody Diet’ has you covered. 120 pages of pragmatic conversation with my readers, explaining and debunking popular diets to help you understand and appreciate your body’s defiance towards diet gimmickry.

You’ll see your body in a whole new wonderful light, I promise.

Imperfectly Healthy Head Honcho
Author | Educator | Consultant

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