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September 4, 2015

Ruby Red Industries | Vintage & Styling

Ruby Red Industries | Vintage & Styling

Ruby Red is a girl with a lots of pearl’s on her string and a love of all things vintage. 

Who is Ruby Red in the Vintage & Styling sense and where did it all start?

I’m a Brisbane girl that moved from the big smoke to the not so sleepy town of Toowoomba six years ago. I discovered a town coming out of it’s cocoon at the time with a decent music scene and a growing art scene. It was during this time that two women were starting an artist run gallery. I expanded from stocking my vintage fashion in some local stores and joined forces with them in the space to start “Old Fangled Beauties” a little retro vintage store.

Then the industry grew when a number of local fashion outlets and my store were all part of a bi monthly fashion market in a large photographic studio that featured a runway to showcase each stores wares. I then found myself in the role of model stylist and runway co-ordinator.

What is it about Ruby Red Industries and the Vintage element? 

Well I have my collection of both small and large vintage treasures that adorn my home and bring a beauty and comfort to my life on a daily basis so I thought it might be about time I put my good eye for finding little beauties to good use and help others in their quests to find these no longer produced items.

So Ruby Red Industries Vintage is a treasure trove of all things vintage, retro, quirky, rare, classic and collectable. It’s the realisation and beginning of a bigger dream I’ve had for a number of years.

What services do you offer for with your vintage shop & styling?



Ruby Red Industries offers a range of styling services including event, home interiors, shop fronts to fashion and model styling for photographic shoots and fashion parades.

– Online Store, Markets and Rummages
– High Tea Hire
– Styling & Photographic Shoots

Online Store

You can find vintage homewares, my collection of vintage fashion, and furniture on my online store and I also have a small collection of vintage books and vinyl. In the future when I find the right space, I have plans for combining all of this into one shop with an Espresso Bar.

Ruby Red Industries can be found to be organising Rummages and Pop up Shops as a regular thing, as well as attending large markets in Brisbane such as the West End markets. Whether you are local or anywhere else in Australia I can still help you to find your vintage desires.

High Tea Hire

I offer furniture and homewares both for purchase or hire for events and pop up shops that employ my services so when you get me you get my unique styling services which are naturally drawn to the use of vintage furniture, prints and decorative items.

I also have a love and passion for repurposing and giving new life to discarded items, you will recognise this in my styling for creation’s such as hung art works and planter boxes used in indoor and outdoor green spaces.

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Ruby Red Industries also offers a range of styling services for personal home interiors, shop fronts and event styling.

Styling & Photographic Shoots

Whether it be for an event or for a fixed shopfront or venue, I thrive on creating beautiful spaces from nothing. I am able transform an unusable, bland and awkward area into an inspiring, comfortable, and functional space.


A number of local cafes stock the potted succulents that I create, this has now spilled over to being commissioned to create one off stylised potted plants for individuals and local shops.

Ruby Red Industries offers a number of different commercial services including fashion shoots…. article coming up soon..!

If you need some magic for your space, event or fashion shoot give Ruby a holla!  hello@rubyredindustries.com.au


Find Ruby Red Industries | Vintage & Styling Services

Need some vintage magic?….Look at Ruby Red’s passion and ye shall find!

FaceBook | Vintage
FaceBook | Styling Services

September 1, 2015

Stefano Stego Catalani | Photographer

 Stefano Stego Catalani | Photographer

Stefano is a Photographer based in Milan, specialising in glamour, portrait, and fashion
working in the studio and on location.

We caught up with Stefano when he was in Oz albeit briefly over the infamous social media when I was first introduced to the world of Stefano’s glamorous photography and thought what the heck let’s stay in touch, and find out what exciting things were happening in the the world of Catalani, the amazing world renowned Photographer! – Ed

Born in Milan, Italy Stefano has been a photographer since 2009.
Published in online magazines, and printed newspapers, when working with Stefano his shoots are
professional and relaxed, and shaped around your preferences. 

Inside the mind of the photographer – Stefano Stego Catalani

My interest in photography began in 2009, fascinated by the idea of taking pictures of the musicians whose concerts I was attending (I love music and I’ve been an electric bass player since I was 14).

I then started studying photography focusing on portrait and fashion, inspirated by masters such as Peter Lindbergh,
Mario Testino and Alberto Buzzanca.


I collaborate with Truemetal.it a web rock music magazine based in Milan (where I am from), Nextdoormodel.com, a fashion magazine and Vanquishmagazine.com, a NZ based glamour magazine.

I moved to Australia in 2013 where I spent 2 beautiful years and I have been lucky enough to photograph some amazing local talents such as Hayley Wilson Picoto, 2014 Miss Queensland, Casey Etheridge, Toowoomba Zumba Instructor and events like the 2014 Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers and the 2014 Gold Coast Women’s Awards.


I am currently shooting both digital and film cameras, I’d define my style as very clean and contrasty and I’d choose black and white over colour 9 times out of 10.





July 31, 2015

Jen Maunder Photographer | JMD Arts

Jen Maunder Photographer | JMD Arts

Jen is a family photographer who is based in Toowoomba. Her images are often described as, unique and breathtaking.

After starting to take her photography serious in 2008 she launched her portrait business, JMD Arts. Since then she has been hired all over the country to take images for families who wanted to have her art hanging on their walls.


“When creating my work, I aim to blur the lines between contemporary portraiture and fine art conceptual practise. Intentionally pushing the boundaries, I endeavour to create art that flexes comfortably between bold and dynamic, and simultaneously classic and memorable.


Inspired by the beautiful landscape of Central QLD, the vibrant palette of urban areas, renaissance artists and the quirky individuality of interior spaces, my work seeks to reflect the individuals it portrays.



By creating images that are unique and pushing the boundaries within the Family Photography genre, I was able to translate my love for creating art into a successful family portrait business.


So, this is -Ed
I just wanted to give Jen an applause for some corporate pics she did for a website build I’m currently designing for a client… She is amazing, great interaction with clients, beautiful work. Thanks Jen!
Here’s a link to Jen’s work for Rant Designs. Visit Rant Designs

Connect with Jen Maunder, Photographer | JMD Arts

Website | Facebook

July 14, 2015

Kat Cherry Photographer

Kat Cherry Photographer

Who Loves a Fairytale? Me, Hi I am a passionate story teller,
a storyteller of one of the most important momments in Peoples lives there wedding day.

My name is Kat Cherry, Im a mum a wife, a carer and a story teller of the camera. Im lucky well I consider myself very lucky every time I am asked to capture a couples wedding, creativity starts flowing.

In my hands I hold a tool only part of what is needed but an important part in documenting a once in a lifetime event. My dad was a photographer as well as a cinematographer, needless to say I grew up around cameras and Film, but it was not until I was 32 years old that I even attempted photography.


Why is my fav Genre weddings? What is there not to love the romance, the dress, the love but even better everyones story is completely different. I get told all the time Im  crazy for loving weddings you only get one shot, you can’t redo it and it can be stressful and challenging.


To date I photographed 18 weddings with another 7 this year and like everything you learn a lot. 2015 has been a very big year for me, Published in Queensland Brides, along with the Australian Times, and a State finalist with the Australian Bridal Industry awards to be held on the 21st July 2015. I get told all the time Oh your camera must be excellent, well no and yes, my camera and I are in sync we have a bond I believe every good photographer has this with there camera, its another child.

Following the Dream

The fun things about weddings is all the fun stories I get to share and the momments from there on in, Pregnancy, Babies and kids that follow, it becomes a family affair so to speak. So my main genre is weddings, I have a dream and I am following it, Its not just my photos its my attitude, Im real, yes you have poses but the real magic happens when all is natural here the story unfolds. I have been told working at a wedding the passion shine through in my face and body language. So for all those that may be scared of weddings don’t be there fun I jet love what I do and love to share that love.


Kat Cherry Photography

Professional experienced photographer ready to catch that special moment in your life in a natural setting.
Moments for u to treasure for a lifetime.

Contact Kat

July 7, 2014

A Magazine for Photographers

A Magazine for Photographers

To live in a world without the capacity to capture imagery would indeed be to lay a blanket of dust on the creative purpose which has its intent far deeper than what we first see on the surface.


Photography has gained many a title over the years since it’s first inception, cited as an art, a science, a form of communication, a tool for collecting historical evidence, a business and hobby, just to name a few. Some of you may even inform us that the embodiment of photography is as a companion, a friend and even your muse.

We are quite sure that we have all owned a camera at some point during our lives, at his time especially, within the age of mass conversion to transportable devices equipped with inbuilt camera’s. Apparelled with our phones, iPods, blackberry’s, tablets and the more; we are at the ready to capture the story behind the essence of time to repurpose and share moments we experience, and that is exciting!

To live in a world without the capacity to capture imagery would indeed be to lay a blanket of dust on the creative purpose which has its intent far deeper than what we first see on the surface.


For many of us the camera is our way of keeping in touch with our friends, or testifying our own observations of the time we live in today. A world highly tuned with mechanical and technological advances, we live in an exciting time of evolution in our stages of growth. One can only imagine the future as we make our way through history as innovators and time machines capable of reinventing and repurposing the resources we have around about us and of course inventing new ways of doing things.

Google glass for instance are taking us a leap forward to wearing a device modelled around a pair of glasses. The device takes phone calls, sends texts, takes photos and video, and shows maps. The Google Glass Explorer Edition is still in it’s prototype phase and is intended for developers and beta testers for a $1,500 price tag. This is pretty cheap really for a handsfree camera, phone and a pair of glasses, tho I dare say designers will refine the structure and who knows, maybe your glasses may just need a microprocessor and a lens applied in the future. We’ll talk about these technology advances over in the technology section for nerds and those of us who are a bit curious tho, not so much here or we’ll get side tracked.

Our role as a magazine is to bring your stories together on a platform where we can experience and enjoy from a multitude of talent, a place to see life through the eyes of another’s creative journey.

We will in time delve a little deeper into the history and evolution the interpretation of light, but we won’t expose everything through our monochromatic experience, we’re going to share an interview with a photographer or two, get to know the minds of a those who experience life behind the lens as their everyday world.