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    Kat Cherry Photographer

    July 14, 2015

July 14, 2015

Kat Cherry Photographer

Kat Cherry Photographer

Who Loves a Fairytale? Me, Hi I am a passionate story teller,
a storyteller of one of the most important momments in Peoples lives there wedding day.

My name is Kat Cherry, Im a mum a wife, a carer and a story teller of the camera. Im lucky well I consider myself very lucky every time I am asked to capture a couples wedding, creativity starts flowing.

In my hands I hold a tool only part of what is needed but an important part in documenting a once in a lifetime event. My dad was a photographer as well as a cinematographer, needless to say I grew up around cameras and Film, but it was not until I was 32 years old that I even attempted photography.


Why is my fav Genre weddings? What is there not to love the romance, the dress, the love but even better everyones story is completely different. I get told all the time Im  crazy for loving weddings you only get one shot, you can’t redo it and it can be stressful and challenging.


To date I photographed 18 weddings with another 7 this year and like everything you learn a lot. 2015 has been a very big year for me, Published in Queensland Brides, along with the Australian Times, and a State finalist with the Australian Bridal Industry awards to be held on the 21st July 2015. I get told all the time Oh your camera must be excellent, well no and yes, my camera and I are in sync we have a bond I believe every good photographer has this with there camera, its another child.

Following the Dream

The fun things about weddings is all the fun stories I get to share and the momments from there on in, Pregnancy, Babies and kids that follow, it becomes a family affair so to speak. So my main genre is weddings, I have a dream and I am following it, Its not just my photos its my attitude, Im real, yes you have poses but the real magic happens when all is natural here the story unfolds. I have been told working at a wedding the passion shine through in my face and body language. So for all those that may be scared of weddings don’t be there fun I jet love what I do and love to share that love.


Kat Cherry Photography

Professional experienced photographer ready to catch that special moment in your life in a natural setting.
Moments for u to treasure for a lifetime.

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