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July 20, 2015

Deer & Fox Collective

What Makes A Deer & Fox Collective
– by Alex Stalling


Deer & Fox who?
Well we are a transient collective of makers, dreamers, experimenters, appreciators and tea drinkers. We are still new to this big wide world and finding out just where we fit in but the journey has been fun and definitely eye opening.


Deer & Fox Collective – Boutique Designers
D&F started in 2014 when I discovered that I just made a lot of stuff. I am pretty prolific when it comes to getting a bit of craft on, so one day I *harassed* my sisters into the journey of marketing and online business-ing. We happily argued over names, product lines, branding, which markets to do until something that was the bare bones of what D&F is today was born.  The three of us have learnt a lot in the 1.5 years of business but the important things remained the same.

We are happy to make, create and hang out. This for us was key, we never started out with a major brand concept in mind, or to turn our little loves into a craft empire. D&F was always, and will always be about the process and that we enjoy it.

We still create, promote and love handmade, artist & designer. Our products embody everything we love about this industry. When we shop for ourselves we love the thrill of the hunt, finding that special something that no one else has. We love to support the individual, the creative the maker.

We create high quality pieces. Each of us at D&F have different interests, skills, loves. Our range showcases that. What we all have in common is an appreciation of quality. We want to buy quality for ourselves, so we want to provide quality for our customers.


Skip forward to now and who is Deer & Fox?
Currently comprised of six artisans Alex Stalling, Tessa Jeffrey, Gaby Isaacson, Melita Chambers, Aaron Stalling & Rhi Johnson.

With all the fresh makers coming on board our 2015-2016 collection is set to explode with 3D printed vases, children’s clothing, cushions, headbands, artwork dresses, candles, play-dough packs, crayons, plushies, polymer clay jewellery, artwork necklaces and earrings, lasercut earrings, oh and block printed notebooks there is sure to be something for everyone.



We have a full list of the markets we attend available on our website at all times.

www.deerandfoxcollective.com + we are on instagram
@deerandfox & facebook 

& Etsy

If you need a little Deer & Fox in your life we should chat, this also applies for retailers.


Deer & Fox

July 16, 2015

Rant Designs | Brand Thinking Design

Rant Designs | Brand Thinking Design

Brand thinking design that aligns with your business model.
Dynamic communication strategies inline with your business & marketing objectives.

Graphic Designer & Editor of Rant Magazine.

I believe Design is more than a marketing strategy; it is an experience, a path with which to travel.

I would like for a moment to get beyond the marketing pitch so that my readers may understand that although I am graphic designer it is only a label and prefer if you would think of me as your creative business advocate.

Design is derived from a plan. Design is a branding strategy. Design brings colour & hope into people’s lives.

Graphic Design

Design as defined by the Business Dictionary is the realisation of a concept or idea into a configuration, drawing, model, mould, pattern, plan or specification. Designing is a method of communication combining visual elements with an analytical, cohesive and intelligent alignment to the values, philosophy & differentiators of the business model helping to achieve the commercial production of an objective/s.

Understanding the digital realm as a architectural space, my work is influenced by the aspect ratios of technology or the real estate of the digital canvas. I just love the readiness that digital communication evokes.

My work includes Brand Identity, Logo Design, Corporate Collateral, Responsive Website Design, Social Media Marketing, Sales Presentations, Proposals, Reports and other dynamic visual sales tools ensuring a creative and consistent look and feel utilising, imagery, infographics, and multimedia to create high impact design that adheres to and supports the client’s brand, visual identity, legal guidelines, and messaging in the digital and print marketing space.

Focused on delivering high end, beautiful, clean, forward thinking Graphic & Responsive Web Design.

Rant Magazine 

The scope for digital marketing is a very wide reaching voice to promote goods and services. A website is a portal for providing information quickly and efficiently.

Rant magazine has been purposely designed from an online marketing perspective by a graphic and web designer with a background in digital marketing, so the way we think about online communication is the way we apply the business model.

We want to add to the benefits of this wider online marketing system by becoming a referral portal pointing to your business!

How it works in a snippet is we publish relevant content about your business on our magazine, we create an experience, share information about your business and then we point visitors back to you!

Marketing your business using referred content makes Google the content king happy and us happy because we get to rant about your awesome business, talents and industries, we make you happy because your getting business exposure and we give Google a reason to celebrate our local network which is a win win for everyone….

I would love to have a conversation with you regarding your marketing objectives, please feel free to contact Lea Sidor @


Rant Designs


or give me buzz on 0438 107 882.


July 7, 2014

A Magazine for Photographers

A Magazine for Photographers

To live in a world without the capacity to capture imagery would indeed be to lay a blanket of dust on the creative purpose which has its intent far deeper than what we first see on the surface.


Photography has gained many a title over the years since it’s first inception, cited as an art, a science, a form of communication, a tool for collecting historical evidence, a business and hobby, just to name a few. Some of you may even inform us that the embodiment of photography is as a companion, a friend and even your muse.

We are quite sure that we have all owned a camera at some point during our lives, at his time especially, within the age of mass conversion to transportable devices equipped with inbuilt camera’s. Apparelled with our phones, iPods, blackberry’s, tablets and the more; we are at the ready to capture the story behind the essence of time to repurpose and share moments we experience, and that is exciting!

To live in a world without the capacity to capture imagery would indeed be to lay a blanket of dust on the creative purpose which has its intent far deeper than what we first see on the surface.


For many of us the camera is our way of keeping in touch with our friends, or testifying our own observations of the time we live in today. A world highly tuned with mechanical and technological advances, we live in an exciting time of evolution in our stages of growth. One can only imagine the future as we make our way through history as innovators and time machines capable of reinventing and repurposing the resources we have around about us and of course inventing new ways of doing things.

Google glass for instance are taking us a leap forward to wearing a device modelled around a pair of glasses. The device takes phone calls, sends texts, takes photos and video, and shows maps. The Google Glass Explorer Edition is still in it’s prototype phase and is intended for developers and beta testers for a $1,500 price tag. This is pretty cheap really for a handsfree camera, phone and a pair of glasses, tho I dare say designers will refine the structure and who knows, maybe your glasses may just need a microprocessor and a lens applied in the future. We’ll talk about these technology advances over in the technology section for nerds and those of us who are a bit curious tho, not so much here or we’ll get side tracked.

Our role as a magazine is to bring your stories together on a platform where we can experience and enjoy from a multitude of talent, a place to see life through the eyes of another’s creative journey.

We will in time delve a little deeper into the history and evolution the interpretation of light, but we won’t expose everything through our monochromatic experience, we’re going to share an interview with a photographer or two, get to know the minds of a those who experience life behind the lens as their everyday world.

April 8, 2014

Our Mission

Welcome to another page in the Rant Magazine story.

Speaking of stories that’s what we do! We are all about ranting about your talent, business or anything you want to talk about on our digital pages.
Our mission is to bring you stories that inspire all of us and we want to pat you on the back for all your hard work.
We believe in you and your message and we want the world to know about you and your greatness, your potential and your individuality.
We want you to know that there is an advocate out their in digital land that is right behind you!

April 2, 2014

1940s movie

Welcome to Rant Magazine, as you can see we like to change things…..and so we do… More changes to come