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    July 29, 2015

July 29, 2015



Trysette A classically trained pianist turned singer-songwriter, Trysette grew up on the northern rivers of Australia

Her musical tales of love gained, love lost, and the heartbreak that follows, are delivered with an ethereal voice and mesmerizing piano style, leaving audiences transfixed in pin-drop silence.

Signed straight out of college by Warner Chappell Music, Trysette began a journey that has led her to become a consummate entertainer and international touring artist.


Trysette’s 2012 release, Le Cafe Ancien, made the CMJ charts, and her new album, Feel So Pretty – featuring an all-star band including Mike Baird (Joe Cocker, Journey), Randy Ray Mitchell (Donna Summer), and Bob Malone (John Fogerty) – is now officially released.

While on tour in the US, Trysette has appeared on various morning television shows including Fox 10 News (Phoenix, AZ), KKCO 11 and News Channel 5 (Grand Junction, CO), and Bronxnet Television (NYC).


Our phone interview with Trysette


Calling a star on the phone was a bit of a trip we have to say………….

Trysette we learn is pronounced Tr-zette like a set of musical notes.
We learn from the onset of our conversation that Trysette who has been a vocal instructor to teenagers is someone we can lean on to better understand our phrasing which strikes a chord with our love of sound.

We started our conversation with a question we thought our readers would like to know.
How long have you been playing the piano & who were your inspirations growing up?

Since I was 7. I come from a family of 9 children; my parents had all the kids play piano where we learnt from the nun’s at the catholic school in our town.

The kids all learnt classical piano and, every year we played in the Eisteddfod. But it was riding home on the school bus listening to the radio that I gained my song writing inspiration because at home with 9 kids rotating around the piano the radio was pretty well non existent.

Music was very much apart of my family, classical was our training, ragtime was an expression outside of the discipline that allowed me the freedom to express my own individual sound. Outside of the classical genre I found that I could develop my ear to play the songs I was hearing, inspired by signer songwriters such as Carole King and James Taylor Elton John & Lionel Richie.

Which is your favourite instrument and why?

Piano, I’m at home on the piano….! We wander around other instruments for a brief interlude and then Trysette paints a picture of a concert hall or certain room she has played in, think the Brisbane Jazz Club, Verbrugghen Hall (Sydney Conservatorium).

The piano has always been an instrument I relate to, it’s a very sensual and sexy instrument (wink wink) ..I love how the notes fill the air and become apart of the fullness of the living sound and communicate emotion to an audience.

The piano creates an ambience that resonates within a room, it gives me strength and the strength comes back to me in the power of its ability to touch an audience. The sound, the melody & the lyrics, the percussion of the intimate rooms that I like to play, the sensitivities within the interpretation of my music is what feeds me. I want people to feel at home, I want people to draw strength from my music and I want them to be thoroughly entertained at the same time.

You’re currently promoting your new album ‘Feel so Pretty’, can you tell us what is your favourite track off the album?

‘Like Water’….The beauty about music is that it is a healing place not just for the writer but for a participant of your music. This song came from yes, a relationship breakup a very deep and personal one, and yes songwriters are human too, they bleed, this stuff actually happens just like it happens to the rest of us, we don’t just write about it, we live in a world where we hurt over our lost loves, we cry about it and for me I sit in front of the piano and write about it, deep tearful, profound irrepressible emotions.

I first played this song for my touring buddy Fiona Joy and she loved it, she said ‘omg you have to perform this, why aren’t you playing this to your audience, ‘I said, no way, it’s too personal’ but on her insistence I began to practise playing the song and not getting emotional with it. I’m really glad she made me do it cos I get a lot of positive feedback from my listeners.

What is rewarding about song writing is that the lyrics are often interpreted differently as relative to a listener’s own story. I’m always so grateful after a show when someone tells me that my songs have told their own story completely and “how did I know these things about their life”? Well, I guess we all have similar experiences and I try to be as honest as possible with my lyrics. I remember listening to Pink after her marriage break up and I was in awe of her honesty. This inspired me to open up more and put it all out there.

Trysette opens up to us about her experience as a vocal tutor for 6 years to a batch of teenagers. Lucky ducks -Ed

Part of my journey as a musician was as a vocal tutor in a high school, it was an experience that is etched deeply on my mind. The kids all so different, different backgrounds, different family dynamics, I learnt that I had an incredible amount of power to influence these kids not only in their abilities to be great musically but in their personal lives. It was within these circumstances I could see that if you make a child feel good about themselves then the technical part is secondary, the kids are looking to you as their teacher in all things, if you point out the good things in people you see it at work in their lives.

It’s so easy to effect a child’s life when your in a position to project positivity and encouragement, encouraging someone to have good self esteem means you know, you can tell, their going to go on and do great things with their life.

Trysette has been travelling to the States in recent months but I learn’t that dots had begun to be joined when living in England.

When I was living in England I met a singer from LA. Karen was over in England singing at a festival. I came back after 2 years living in England and we kept in touch. So Karen was the wife of Bob Malone keyboard player for John Fogerty. Bob came to Australia and after Bob’s visit I decided to go to the States to do some shows. I contacted Bob Malone and asked if it would be ok if I opened some shows for him. Trysette has just told me that Bob has his own solo act with his own band. – Ed interjecting

So Bob took me under his wing and became like a mentor, yeah he’s a mentor. And so I did that, I went to the States and sang in Bob’s band, his style is Rock/Blues. I also opened a few shows for him and recorded my Feel So Pretty album in Los Angeles after he introduced me to his own recording team there.

Bob and I are now doing double bill shows together when I tour in the States. I’m working on a 2016 tour now on the back of this new album.

Sitting down to write do you have a strong concept?

No. Trysette tells me that’s a great question Lea…..-Ed

I have to say I get quite agitated if I haven’t written a new song in a while. Rob Hirst drummer from Midnight Oil came to the university where I studied, he said to me he wrote his lyrics first because it sets a rhythm. I do the same and right now it’s time to write a new song so I’ll make my surroundings my inspiration zone. I think about what I’m going to write, I might listen to a favourite artist, sometimes only getting just a few bars in and then I’ll play with the concept. I make time to write because a) I want to and b) because I always need new stuff to play to my audience.

Trysette and I talked about a song that I loved, other than ‘Like Water’ from her recently released Album

My producer came to me and said Trysette have you thought about doing a cover?… I said….’whatcha got n, not really,…..

But then, ……wait, this is why I chirp up a rant, I just love this cover and happened to make mention of this to Trysette in our interview…..You just gotta hear her do Chasing Cars…… I was like, I love this version, it moves me to tears …..and I love the harmonies (the harmonies are by a singer in the States by the name John Pratt) Ed….

But then, I mentioned Chasing Cars. I was nervous about doing it cos it was such a huge hit and I didn’t want to be just another artist doing just another cover of this song. Thankfully, people are really enjoying it so I can breath easy now.

What’s happening in your world at the minute.

Well I just got back from America a month ago so now it’s about promoting my Feel So Pretty album, we’re doing radio and media promo’s right now. I’ve done three american tours with a close friend Fiona Joy, we’ve played amazing venues with gorgeous pianos including theatres, Performing Arts Centres and Jazz clubs. I like to work but I’m happy at the minute to find my Australian feet and see what happens next…

as I sat down to transpose my scribbles from paper, because this time….. my lack of a podcast mic was replaced with a phone app which wasn’t configured at the time….I felt a sense of privilege to be able to put together an interview with a singer songwriter and pianist whom I hold with the esteem of a positive vibe giver and ‘real’ sister of the [insisteryoubeinspiredclub] really just think she’s great and I’m sure so will you  …….be inspired by the sound of positive givings ringing a tune of passion, triumph & teaching us all to be good to one another. Thanks Trysette…..I am a fan and so totally thrilled to be ranting about you……………..P.S Thanks for the copy of your album, your voice is keeping me company in my office where I work.-Ed….


“She is the real thing, and being classically trained doesn’t hurt either.”
Denny Seiwell (Paul McCartney and Wings)




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    Love your album Trysette! You know my favourite tracks are 'Like Water' & I love your cover of 'Chasing Cars'........ thanks for being so cool as to be on the pages of our magazine.....We look forward to doing a follow up story soon... Rant Magazine..

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